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Personal Change in a Changing World with Steve Greer

Personal Change in a Changing World with Steve Greer

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Nothing is permanent in this world except change. If we want to be effective in coaching our clients, we have to self-lead and become agents of change. In this episode you’ll not only learn how to lead change effectively; you’ll be encouraged to step out in healthy fear, as you build your confidence to grow into the role of your calling. Say goodbye to discouragement, so long to unhealthy caution, and hello to your abundant future!

Increase your awareness of change and learn:

  • 3 keys to personal change that will help you unlearn fears and develop a growth mindset, so you can change and promote change from the inside out with your clients.
  • How to discern the difference between unhealthy and healthy fear, so you can unmask the prewired knowledge that keeps you stuck.
  • How to view challenges as a way to improve instead of prove so you can turn your situation around and walk alongside your clients so they can do the same.
  • One truth bomb that will catapult you toward success!

About Steve Greer

Steve Greer is an Executive / Leadership Coach and Consultant at Genesis Assist, a company he co-founded with his wife to help others achieve their dreams.

Steve has over 34 years of experience with the Procter & Gamble Company. In his current role, he is the Quality Assurance External Engagement Leader which involves working with FDA and leaders from consumer & pharmaceutical companies. In 2017, he was awarded the James N. Gamble Award, the highest recognition to individuals at P&G in Quality Assurance who have made outstanding leadership contributions.

Steve is a sought-after speaker and has helped lead numerous conferences and workshops in the US and internationally.

Steve began his coaching journey over seven years ago (late 2011) with PCCI and now coaches executives and leaders. He and his wife also own Genesis Counseling Center with multiple offices on the coast of Virginia serving close to 5,000 clients a month.

You can contact Steve and receive a copy of the slides for his presentation on Leading Change in a Changing World at:
LinkedIn: SteveAGreer

10 Reasons to Love Business Development with Jon Lokhorst

10 Reasons to Love Business Development with Jon Lokhorst

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Business development truly can be an exciting part of your business. It’s the vehicle that provides the opportunity to deliver the services you are passionate about. You can have a business that allows you to choose the hours you work, where you work, the types of clients with which you interact and the services you offer. It’s all about developing the skills you need to get going, today.

As you listen to the 10 reasons Jon loves business development, you will learn how to develop:

  • A healthy mindset about business development so you can rediscover the mission behind the money and provide opportunities to deliver the services you’re equipped to render.
  • Income-generating activities that provide an economic return so you can continue to learn and grow while you do business.
  • A vision that highlights business development so you can tap into strategic thinking and executive planning.
  • Become passionate about being an entrepreneur so you can own your identity and live into the future of your dreams.

About Jon Lokhorst

Jon Lokhorst, CPA, ACC, is an executive leadership coach and consultant based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He partners with CPAs, CFOs, and other leaders who face massive change in their industry and recognize the need for a new model of leadership to navigate those challenges.

Prior to launching Lokhorst Consulting LLC, Jon enjoyed a 30-plus year career as a CPA, CFO, and organizational leader. He has a Master’s in Organizational Leadership and is recognized by the International Coach Federation as an Associate Certified Coach. Jon serves as adjunct faculty in the School of Business and Nonprofit Management at North Park University and writes and speaks regularly on a variety of topics.

You can connect with Jon here: jon@lokhorstconsulting.com.